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Los Cocos

Los Cocos Residences is comprised of six buildings which house a total of 36 apartments, including 12 penthouses. These exceptional apartments are located just steps away from the magnificent Playa Bonita beach. Condo owners of Los Cocos enjoy access to an exclusive clubhouse, private pool, and grilling area. All units are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, starting at 1,076 sf. (100 square meters).

Prices start at US$230,000

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Lakeview is located steps away from the beachfront, right in front of a lagoon. Comprised of 36 units, it includes pool, bar, and a clubhouse. Lakeview is designed to maximize rental income. Additionally, owners and guests enjoy all the services and comforts of a hotel: concierge, room services, cleaning and laundry, security, bar and snacks. Units available in different sizes and configurations; starting from two bedrooms, two bathrooms.

Prices start at US$295,000

Los Delfines

Los Delfines

Our new beachfront development, Los Delfines, consists of four blocks arranged to form a semi-circle, with a total of 24 apartments just steps away from the beach. The apartments have spacious, panoramic balconies, providing a picturesque backdrop for your get-togethers with family and friends. You can enjoy one another’s company while basking in the breathtaking views. Units available in two-bedrooms, or three-bedrooms.

Prices start at US$369,500

Playa Apartments

The Aquamarine

Our new beachfront Playa VI building, is comprised of a total 12 apartments with ocean view. It is a three-story building with elevator to the terrace level. All units are three-bedrooms, three bathrooms, plus a service bathroom. The apartments have spacious, panoramic balconies, providing a picturesque backdrop for your get-togethers with family and friends. You can enjoy one another’s company while basking in the breathtaking views.

Prices start at US$475,000


Playa Bonita Beach Residences is located within the town of Las Terrenas, on the north coast of the Samaná peninsula, in Dominican Republic. It can be found within the Greater Antilles archipelago, inside the Caribbean region.



Playa Bonita is the best beach of Dominican Republic. It strives the perfect combination of smooth and silky sand and unbelievable turquoise cristaline water


Las Terrenas is still a hidden jewel. You still have time to be among the firsts to discover all of the amazing things Las Terrenas has to offer.

Playa Bonita is among the Top 10 Beaches in The World

The main quality for which this beach receives its name is its simplicity. On Playa Bonita, the main elements of a Caribbean retreat combine: palm trees, fine sand and crystalline waters away from cars and vendors. A little frequented beach, ideal to immerse yourself in the greens and blues of the Caribbean, and forget the rest of the world for a few days. Learn More.


Caribbean hidden gem: Unspoiled Samaná

Samaná’s main appeal is its natural attractions. These range from stunning white-sand beaches such as Rincon and Coson, as well as what could be described as Samaná’s iconic site, the trio of waterfalls that make up El Limon Falls.

Those timing their visit between January and March can indulge in whale watching via boat excursions on Samaná Bay. During these winter months, approximately 2,500 humpback whales migrate to the bay. Another eco-excursion is hiking, caving and birdwatching in Los Haitises National Park, an expansive protected area covering an impressive 319 square miles.

Read the full article here.

Top 5 Places To Retire Overseas So The Grandkids Will Come Visit

Las Terrenas is everything you want in a Caribbean beach town, plus unexpected delights like authentic French bakeries and fine-dining choices. Those things might not get your grandkids' attention, but ever-present chances for swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding, and soccer on the beach should. Las Terrenas is also home to a top-notch but low-key and kid-friendly surf school. Read the full article.

Quit Your Job And Live Abroad: 8 Places To Move Abroad On a Budget

Las Terrenas is quintessential Caribbean with a French twist, says Kathleen Peddicord, founder of the company Live and Invest Overseas. The big and established community of French expats living in this white-sand beach town means fresh baguettes, great restaurants and greetings with kisses on both cheeks. The Dominican Republic is enjoying a very strong economy — the strongest growing economy in Latin America. Read the full article.

Fabulous — and affordable — Caribbean island for retirees

Las Terrenas is a thriving expat community. During your morning stroll, you’ll wander by patisseries, fine jewelry shops and fruit stands, and observe chic women sipping cappuccino or ambling by on little ATVs, baguettes peeking from their baskets, while mopeds zip around them. "A posh spot that won't break the bank", said Dan Prescher, a senior editor with International Living, notes that the Dominican Republic is still remarkably more affordable than many nearby islands. A two-bedroom condo unit just steps to the ocean in Las Terrenas can be had for less than $200,000. Read the full article.

Sotheby's International Realty

Playa Bonita Beach Residences is part of the select real estate portfolio of world renowned Sotheby's International Realty. Check out some of the featured units they have selected. Sotheby's has identified Las Terrenas as a highly attractive destination to invest and vacation. See their full review of Las Terrenas here.

The most spectacular beaches and lush, mountainous landscape

Home to the country's most spectacular beaches and lush, mountainous landscape, the Samaná Peninsula is considered by both locals and visitors to be the most beautiful part of the Dominican Republic. Refreshingly quiet and relatively isolated in comparison to other much more developed areas of the island, this region is a popular destination for vacationers looking to truly relax.

In Samaná | Playa Bonita feature

In Samaná | Playa Bonita feature

Featured article by inSamaná Magazine

We were featured by local magazine inSamaná. Here is an extract of what they had to say about us:

Playa Bonita Beach Residences stands out and differs from other projects due to its privileged location on the bay of Playa Bonita, where all that separates guests from crystal waters are the extensive and colorful gardens.

The concept of Playa Bonita Beach Residences is based on keeping balance with the natural environment and integrating each construction into the surrounding paradisiacal setting.

Click here to read the full article. 

BBC Travel: A spot for expatriates!

That is the area where, recently, several expatriates have opened smaller boutique hotels that provide what the larger resorts do not: a personal touch, local flavour and key emphasis on the environment.

Playa Bonita awarded 2016 Travelers' Choice on TripAdvisor

Playa Bonita ranked #1 Beach in Las Terrenas, as well as in the Top 25 Beaches in the Caribbean. Check out reviews highlights:

  • One of the most stunningly beautiful beaches we have seen! Lots of banana palms on sand, crystal clear water and gorgeous force formations.

  • I went with my wife and 3 year old daughter, and we spend 5 hours of peace, fun and good food.

  • Clump of palm trees , surrounded by silky sand beach and crystal clear water, the contrast between the green and the blue will remain imprinted in your eyes, unforgettable.

  • Very chill with tranquil waters and perfect sunsets.


International Living featured real estate investment for RETA members

International Living featured our development, Los Cocos Residences, as a select investment for its RETA members.